What is Smile Aesthetics?

What is Smile Aesthetics?

What is Smile Aesthetics? To Whom Can Laminate (Veneer) Be Applied? Questions and more on Postmodern Oral and Dental Clinic Dentist Elif Betül Dönertaş and Kasım Vural at Kanal D Özlem Yıldız and Dr. He answered in Biran Ekici’s program.

Smile aesthetics, also known as smile design, is an aesthetic dentistry practice that covers different treatments and stages. It is based on factors such as lip structure, arrangement in teeth and gums, and whitening that will be compatible with the Smile Design. In addition to the physical condition of the person, it is also possible to look at life in a more positive way and gain self-confidence within the mental structure.

The process of covering the front surfaces of anterior teeth with aesthetic problems with fine porcelain without causing excessive material loss is called Laminate Veneer (leaf tooth). It is an Aesthetic Dental Treatment option that is applied in cases that negatively affect aesthetics such as discoloration, gaping teeth, deformities that do not improve with whitening.

Every Smile Design in Postmodern Oral and Dental Clinic is unique and special. All aesthetic designs made in our clinic; It goes through the joint decision of the physician, technician and patient. Aesthetic perception is subjective, so each patient creates their own real smile with mock-ups and digital designs.

If you want to have a star smile with the Hollywood Smile Smile Design specially prepared for you, you can easily make an Online Appointment or get more information by contacting us from the contact numbers.