What is Fear of the Dentist?

What is Fear of the Dentist?

Fear of the dentist, or dentophobia, is quite common around the world. We can state that this fear, which may cause the person not to go to the dentist even though he or she has serious toothaches, also causes the disruption of dental check-ups.

Of course, fear of the dentist is something that should not be taken lightly. While this fear is mild in some people, it can be much more severe in others. In order to overcome the fear, you can first determine what exactly frightens you. Identifying this element and sharing this information with the dentist will make it easier for you to overcome this fear. Conditions such as the patient’s severe pain due to dental diseases or gum diseases may cause fear of going to the dentist in some people.

How to Overcome Fear of the Dentist?

It is stated that anesthesia can be applied to people who have excessive fear of the dentist and that the treatment can be performed without the patient feeling any pain or pain with methods such as sedation, and the treatments and their course are explained with confidence and sincerity.

  • A dentist who gives confidence, makes them feel safe, relaxes and cares should be preferred.
  • Before the examination begins, patients should definitely say that they have fear of the dentist. In particular, specifying exactly what the feared element is makes it easier for the dentist to reassure the patient.
  • Before starting the treatment, he may ask the dentists to explain the procedures to be applied step by step. Knowing the treatment procedures and stages relieves patients and sometimes even eliminates fear.
  • If you have a phobia that will cause heart palpitations and respiratory distress, you can take a sedative medicine prescribed by your doctor, provided that you consult your doctor and if your dentist does not mind.
  • The treatment methods and technologies used in dentistry are all about increasing the comfort of the patient. Today, it is an extreme situation for the patient to experience severe pain during any treatment.


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