Smile Design Dental Tourism

Smile Design Dental Tourism

Smile Design, also known as ‘Hollywood Smile’, is a treatment method that provides a natural and aesthetic appearance according to the patient’s needs and face shape of the differences in teeth and gums that disrupt aesthetics for various reasons.


We are happy to see our patients smile at the end of the treatment with our treatments.


To our patients who book flight tickets;

  • We prepare standard, mid-range and high-end hotel arrangements and vip transfer services.
  • After our patients come to Turkey, they are taken by vip vehicle and placed in their hotels.
  • He is brought to our clinic by vip vehicle in line with the plan of treatment.
  • In our clinic with state-of-the-art treatment facilities;

Treatment plans are made in line with pre-treatment photo shoots, detailed information about the procedures and pre-treatment scans.
We are waiting for you to have healthy and aesthetic smiles as a result of our treatment planning, which lasts for an average of 5 days.

Every Smile Design in Postmodern Oral and Dental Clinic is unique and special. All aesthetic designs made in our clinic; It goes through the joint decision of the physician, technician and patient. Aesthetic perception is subjective, so each patient creates their own real smile with mock-ups and digital designs.

If you want to have a star smile with the Hollywood Smile Smile Design specially prepared for you, you can easily make an Online Appointment or get more information by contacting us from the contact numbers.