Hollywood Smile Treatment Process

Hollywood Smile Treatment Process

Hollywood Smile, in its most general form, is the Aesthetic Smile Design that allows you to have the smile of Hollywood stars. In this smile design, a perfect harmony is aimed between the lips, teeth and gums. It should be noted that the procedures to be applied to gain a Hollywood Smile smile may vary from person to person. Additional procedures may be required in line with the needs of the patient. However, in general, treatments such as Teeth Whitening, Porcelain Laminate Veneer, Tooth Veneer, Implant Treatment, Gum Treatment are applied.

Patient interpretation;

“Hello, I saw this clinic on Instagram and wanted to have my teeth done at Postmodern Clinic. The transportation and hotel were excellent, they started the procedure on Monday and finished it four days later. I am very very happy and the result is great.”

Every Smile Design in Postmodern Oral and Dental Clinic is unique and special. All aesthetic designs made in our clinic; It goes through the joint decision of the physician, technician and patient. Aesthetic perception is subjective, so each patient creates their own real smile with mock-ups and digital designs.

Applying the most appropriate treatment, giving precise information about the process and cost of dental treatment are determined as a result of the examinations made by our specialist dentists. You can contact us by calling us or sending a message via WhatsApp to learn about and meet special offers.