Hollywood Smile and Smile Design Treatment Process

Hollywood Smile and Smile Design Treatment Process

Hollywood Smile (smile design) treatment process varies from person to person due to specially planned treatments. Before any operation is performed on the patient’s teeth, the most ideal smile for the patient is planned individually.

Hollywood Smile smile design is the process of planning a personalized smile in digital environment by taking the measurements of the teeth with the intraoral and extraoral photographs taken from the patient.

In the first session, intraoral and extraoral photographs and video recordings are taken from the patient during the conversation. Again, in this session, upper and lower jaw measurements and closing of the jaws are recorded with a digital intraoral scanner. The most ideal smile that should be in digital design programs is planned by considering many parameters such as the patient’s face proportions, the dimensions of the teeth, gingival levels, and age. In the second session, this smile is transferred to the patient’s mouth with temporary materials used in dentistry, with a process called “Mockup”. In this session, the patient sees his final smile without any treatment on his teeth. If there are any additional operations related to the size and form of his teeth, he can report them. In addition, the patient’s speech and dental contacts are also evaluated by the dentist during the session. In addition, it is determined whether there are additional treatments (gum treatments, orthodontic treatment, implant treatment, tooth coating) that should be done from Aesthetic Dental Treatments.

As a result of the procedure, the Hollywood Smile smile design is started after the patient and the physician come to a joint decision. The Hollywood Smile smile design treatment process varies from person to person, according to the application process of the treatments to the patient’s mouth, teeth and lip structure.