Dental Prosthesis


If the teeth, gums and surrounding tissues are damaged or lost due to different reasons, they are treated with a dental prosthesis. It is aimed that the dental prosthesis, which is produced in line with the personal needs of the patient, fully adapts to the person’s mouth, looks natural and has the feature of easy use.


Dental prosthesis can be used to replace one or a few lost teeth, or it can be used to replace all teeth. However, in dental prosthesis applications, the protection of the existing teeth in the patient’s mouth is at the forefront. Dental prosthesis is produced in the most suitable tones for the bone color of the person. Thus, the person’s prosthetic tooth color has a natural appearance. The main purpose of dental prosthesis application is to regain the lost chewing function of the person. With the recovery of the chewing efficiency of the person, the quality of life is also increased. In addition to all these, the psychological effects of broken, discolored or deformed teeth are also eliminated.