Dental Tourism in Turkey, Istanbul

Dental Tourism in Turkey, Istanbul

Turkey has become a preferred destination for many patients from both domestic and international locations for dental treatments in recent years. This is due to the dental clinics in Turkey being equipped with state-of-the-art technology, using quality materials, and providing services by experienced dentists. Dental treatments are offered at more affordable prices in Turkey compared to other countries. Therefore, demand for dental clinics in Turkey has increased in recent years. 

Istanbul is the most preferred destination in dental tourism. Istanbul is famous for its historical and touristic places. Patients who come for dental treatment can also visit Istanbul’s tourist attractions during their treatments. 


Choosing a Clinic for Dental Tourism 

Dental tourism generally includes dental treatments such as dental implants, smile design (Hollywood smile), dental veneers, teeth whitening, root canal treatment, fillings, and tooth extraction. In order to get the best results during dental treatment, it is important to work with experienced dentists who offer quality services and to plan transportation, accommodation, and dental treatment in a seamless manner. 


Dental Tourism Prices in Turkey, Istanbul 

Postmodern Dental Clinic offers the opportunity to turn your dental treatment into a vacation in a historical and touristic location. Dental treatments such as dental implants, smile design (Hollywood smile), dental veneers, teeth whitening, gum treatments, and cosmetic dental treatments are applied quickly by expert and experienced dentists using modern technological equipment at Postmodern Dental Clinic. 

During the planning of your treatment at Postmodern Dental Clinic, free VIP transfer services, accommodation with special discounts, and post-treatment care and check-ups can be done in your hotel room to ensure that your treatment and travel plans run smoothly. 

Treatment prices at Postmodern Dental Clinic are determined according to your needs and requests in the most reasonable way. You can contact us by calling or messaging us via WhatsApp to learn about our special offers and to meet us.